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The kitchen in our society is quite often referred to as the heart of a home. More than just a trend, the idea of having everyone together in a space enjoying each other’s company and experiencing the joy of cooking and entertaining is what has given this room its designation. We are experienced and here to help you make the inviting and optimal kitchen for your individual needs. Contact us for your next kitchen renovations.

Looking to increase your homes value? According to Genworth Canada (Canada’s largest private residential mortgage insurer), a kitchen is considered one of the most important renovations you can do with your home to achieve this.
Is it time for your kitchen to join the revolution? In years passed, the kitchen was often very cramped and not at all a display piece. Even the most posh of homes considered it a room not to be seen by guests.
Our goal is to bring the reality of a beautiful and functional kitchen to our client to suit their style, needs and desires. With 3D rendering of your cabinetry design and a large and eclectic choice of cabinetry, interior organizers and storage solutions for your custom kitchen, we dedicate the time needed to work out all the important aspects of your designs. As a one stop shop for your kitchen as a whole, our team will ensure that a finalized product means you are ready to entertain.

At Daniel Bray Renovations, our team of experts for every phase of your kitchen renovations ensuring no aspects are missed and the client gets exactly the space they pictured and dreamt. Trust our knowledge and our commitment for your kitchen renovations